RGPFL - Raysanga Global Projects Forum Limited is a forum limited to various projects pertaining to community welfare, empowerment and education, settlement and integration, development and growth enhanced with the related support services to Individuals;Families;Institutions;Corporates;Industries;Groups;Communities. Although initially commenced as a small business activity during the course of time projects and services may be identified on a growing scale aimed at development growth and welfare categorically of all:
Nature – Environment - Creatures – Human Beings.

Why Choose Us?

  • Meals are prepared on the day of delivery.
  • Meals are fresh and never frozen.
  • Meals are fully customizable in accordance with any allergies, diet plan or taste.
  • Vegetarian, Jain, Vegan and Halal-friendly options.
  • No GMOs, antibiotics or preservatives.
  • New menu every week.

How It Works

You pick a tiffin

We cook fresh

We deliver

You eat and enjoy